Monday, October 22, 2007

Metamorphosis of the Obsidian Butterfly

Why do we fear death when we have yet to truly be born? Many of our kind fear change like nothing else. the caterpillar does not fear becoming a butterfly. The limited nature of our present existence is but a chrysalis wall holding back our knowledge of the multitude, the Tao, and Siva becoming. We are all, but we do not realize. the illusion of the self blinds us to the whole mind-form that I all am and am not. The ignorance of this leads us into apathy, war, and abject helplessness. The Monarch Butterfly lives for but a few weeks, but each sixth generation finds its way to the same Pacific valleys for winter. The Monarchs are not individuals but one, led by ingrained and implanted memories. Such is the same for us. The god-forms within the collective human mind-form, are in constant war to influence the outcome of our journey, feeding you soul to corporate-media-consumer BEAST (and his number was $$$) adds to the powers of greed, domination, control, and fear. The powers of freedom, love and knowledge are in jeopardy. New patriots are needed in the 21st century, Aunt Sophia of the sacred gnosis wants you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hail to the Cheef

All this bullshit hype about the upcoming general election is killing me. General elections are the biggest sham in modern democracy. It doesn't really matter who wins what nomination for whatever party, every major candidate is already bought and payed for at least a hundred times over. Major corporations and special interests own both of the major political parties. they're all pawns marching to the same drums of Mammon. the founding fathers of this country would be so disappointed at how the "land of the free" has become just another imperialist tyranny. Why did the patriots raise arms against King and Country? because they were being taxed to pay for England's wars and had nothing to say about it. Today we have to pay for a "war" in Iraq that was never constitutionally declared, and our federal government just pays lip service to the term "representation" while it constantly eradicates states' rights. The "Sons of Liberty" would be branded terrorists now. Remember the parable of the frog in boiling water? Fascism is much the same: throwing the people quickly into a fascist state is called Nazism; slowly indoctrinating them into to the system so no one notices, is called a military-industrial complex. We must awake before we're cooked.

Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they can not become conscious. -1984

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Re-imprinting... with a little help from my friends

Your brain is like a computer. Your own personal O/S is imprinted into you very being. An imprint of religion, an imprint of gender, an imprint of nationality, an imprint of politics, an imprint of consumerism, an imprint of education. Blow them all up with a Molotov cocktail of enlightenment! write a new O/S of your choosing! your beliefs are bullshit no matter what; so at least make them fun, artistic, and creative. Life is but a game we play, so write your own rules! There is no "true self" just masks that the void wears. Use LSD to imprint Beatles albums into your subconscious: It's getting better all the time!

Monday, September 10, 2007

3 card Tarot for this week

Past : Death
Present: Six of Swords
Future: The Magician

Reading: Pretty much straight forward, from death or transition begins a journey toward magical awareness and produced results.

Freedom Ain't Free

Free Your Mind. Liberate yourself from the indoctrination of society, culture, and your schooling. Reprogram your brain. Load the entire universe into a cannon and fire it into your frontal lobe. Blaspheme your own beliefs. Become someone that you hate. Pronounce a death sentence on consumerism. Put a brick through your TV. Firebomb all 23 Starbucks on your block. Plant a tree in a SUV. Release a cow in McDonalds. Start your own religion. Elect yourself Pope. Excommunicate everyone else. Look at yourself in the mirror. See your reversed self. Become that person for a day. or a a week. or a year. or forever. Anoint yourself with the menstrual blood of Gaia, the semen of Cronus, the shit of Prometheus, and the transcendental piss of Christ. Eat Filth. Smoke your dead skin cells and get high. Grow your toenails ten inches long. Cut open your chest to see whats inside. Spike candy with LSD. Buy a homeless man crack. Make your enemies heads explode with your mind. Free the insane from asylums and elect them to congress. Find truth. Reject it. And ABOVE ALL ELSE: Doubt everything, even your own doubt. For nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chaos into Kaos

cracking open your skull and spreading your conciseness amongst the cosmos may not be for everyone, but once reality begins to bend around you there is no going back some doors are opened for eternity and they can never be shut. life in the flesh is a strange commodity for beings of light and energy to us the guardians of the threshold may seem hostile and malicious daemons of legend and myth you cannot escape you must give in to the Fear and become one of them only then can you proceed. for now that barrier of Sanity/Insanity has been collapsed you are now neither you are un-sane. normal reality no longer exists as such you are forever conscious and aware of the fact that what you see as truth is not really truth at all but an illusion that we create ourselves to protect us from the real infinite uncertainty that is Kaos.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

More Than Meets The Eye?

Now that summer 2007 is finally upon us, and the blockbuster movie season has begun, I find myself staring into the impending release of the Michael Bay directed Transformers. I have had mixed feelings about this film since production was announced years ago: I hate Michael Bay, but I love Transformers.
I remember when I first heard that the movie was in production I was ecstatic, A live-action Transformers movie has massive potential, but then I heard that Michael Bay was attached to direct. To fully understand my horror at this revelation, you must first understand my hatred of Bay as a director: a shitty music video director, Bay somehow went from Meat Loaf videos to popcorn flicks such as Bad Boys, Pearl Harbor, and Armageddon. Needless to say, Bay is the poster child for the style-over-substance approach that is plaguing American cinemas today.
Now, I know that any good Transformers movie will have plenty of explosions. The only type of sequence that Bay can actually direct is the explosion-filled chase scene. However, action and explosions does not always make a great action film, take Bay last film The Island for instance, it was an over budget box-office failure that turned a decent plot idea into a steaming pile of crapola.
As far as Transformers is concerned, there is a well established continuity of characters and themes that has been developed from years of comics and cartoons that needs to be respected in any interpretation. My issues arise when I hear the words "reboot" and "re-imagining" tossed around by a director who originally had no interest in a "stupid toy movie" and admittedly has no knowledge of the vast Transformers continuum. Megatron is said to transform into an "alien jet", not a pistol or a gun or even a cannon, an "alien jet". what about Starscream? he's a jet too. Hell, why don't they make all the Decepticons Jets? (When your a Jet your a Jet all the way). Bumblebee was changed from a VW Bug into a Camaro: WTF!?!? I always thought only assholes drove Camaros: with Bay at the helm I guess I was right.
Maybe I'm just a pretentious fanboy: but is it really that hard to get the little details right? I was pissed about the symbiote suit's origin in Spiderman 3 (gimme at least a Secret Wars reference). I will go up in arms if the rumors are true and Galactus is portrayed as a space cloud in the new Fantastic 4 film. No matter what, this film is gonna make boatloads of cash, so why not try to make a film that shows some amount of respect for what has come before? I am positive that Transformers will be a special-effects laden rollercoaster ride, but I am equally positive that it will be lacking in one area that a director like Michael Bay can never give to a film: heart.